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Hi well yeah
you all need to get an update and i need to get things out of my head too.

My Mac went dark on me in 'May' and i lost about everything on it. luckily i did some savings at Christmas so not all is lost but Photoshop is gone. i have the installation disc still but i do not have the product key. 
I have already tried to contact Adobe about it but I'm out of any luck if their was any. :( and soon after that i got informed that i could no longer stay at my job.
He had no longer the financial to have me working for him and i quite understand that after all, at summer time Florist have a really hard time staying open when the bigger Stors are selling Plants and Bouquet almost half-the price and plants for outdoors and so on, a small shop have no room to have that.
and so i believed that it's going to get harder from now on after all i did keep quiet about it after 'May' so i got so frustrated and sad
like what the F**k is this S***t *** **** happening to me, some of you might say (quit morning about it. people have it so much harder then you)
Yeah of corse... How said life would be easy, how said that i'm more valuable then someone ells?
well not me.. so i lade back and try to find a way back.. back to all the things that made me happy... back to me When I was standing Tall and proud of being Me.

time passes by and i got my new chance to shine,
Find a new Job. i small shop (Again) but this one is focus was Games (horses and Lotto) then it was tobacco and candy.
I made one Hell of a good impression, their Customers Loved me, so much that he joke about letting me go and their got angry with him..
i was finally happy again and it was time to share it with you again.
I fix it in on my Ipad and Phone, i Made plans (Prepositions) I was Going to Fix Everything now, My Live was Shining with Hope.
then 'Hugo' (My Dog) got injured, Hid little Claw on this Right front paw got Cracks and he was blending. (the vet cured him up again)
and then My lungs bugged me two different time during my Internship and had to stay home.
(you see, because of my Weather-Asthma my Lungs ether works really well or really bad and thats why I got Payment support for the ones how hire me)
so when he Told me that He was interested to Hire me i was so happy and delighted, we came up with a good plan on how my work-hours should look like and all was fine,
he told me that he did not wanna burn me out. Really kind and understanding, they did test others during daytime but they did not pass and it was quite sad to hear but at the same time it boosted my Confidents,
i was thinking to myself 'I will work with Spirit no-mater how i felt, he Believed in me and so i shall stay strong'
(i was hied but not hired. I receive the Pay but I was still not tide and so i could get kick anytime)
thats how things where, he knew my background too.........
time goose by and a new arrival came. he was to work during the day and i during nights. Gods knows they needed help.
i was not burned nor tired i was fine, the new one had a slight cold and so it passed over to the one i worked nights with.
some customers came in with a Cough or a cold but I didn't get it.
at home my Mom got a cold and sister is so stresses and had a Small cold.
3 night i woke up with a headache yet i got up ready to work my as of.
he i work't with was feeling ill, he had problems to but as an owner and brothers share this Shop, he knew that he could not go for the day since i have not been their longer the 1 1/2 month and we are not suppose to be less then 2.
i told him to rest in the dining room wile i took the customers with joy, he got better and we work like a team rest of the day.
i still had the headache but i did not complain and lied that I was fine, i felt that i was not as sick as them and the next day i catch the cold.. painfully i rang and said that i got the cold.. and he ask if i would come the next day (Friday 18th) and I said that I could not tell because if i Work this day i would get worse til Friday and i believed i just needed a little rest so i could help out on Friday and Saturday...
he call me later and said that he got it covered, the new guy will work-extra.
friday came and i got worse, saturday came and i got even more ill.
He called me and ask if i could make it til 'Monday 21' and i said i didn't know since i got worse but i was prying that i would be back to health.......
so now to the issue at hand, its monday the 21th and i Got Fired T_T'
i will work thill the end of this month and then I'm officially Unemployed. Work-less
(it cost to live so why cant i have a steady job?) 

Karma Should not hold me down so why
i'm helpful/ Truthful and Kind, i gave away money to a guy how had half shoes/ hole in his jeans and was eating popcorn as supper (night food)
i fear no Alcoholic's, i help them if they cant say right. i Call the Cops if i spotted ill-doers.
My boss help the the war affected how seek refuge here in Sweden, if i would have been at work at that hour i would had help to.

Call me a Bleeder, a Crying baby if you like but its how I am.
I cry at moves and on really heroic deeds that i read or see on the webs.
it's a shame, My plans is cracks up to splinters.
and i'm so fucking Frustrated and angry. do i cost more the planned? ahh fuck this shit.
how can i Find my Freedom and happiness now?
if i had the money i would do have got myself e new Mac and Photoshop and a new Tablet too but now i'm stuck
at an age of 23 years old Linda has find herself Stuck in the mud and she wishers to burn every fucking thing to ashes.
but at the end she found comfort in crying to music..

Adoptables will open up soon to. (so hold the wild horses will you)

And so i when and loot things up on shipment of prints 
that I will sell:

so to be honest i don't know the weight of an A4
but anyway:

  Weight                  Within EU                  Outside EU

  50g                   14 kr/1.695 Dollars (USD) 14 kr/1.695 Dollars (USD)

  100g 28kr/ 3.390 -ll-              30kr/ 3.633 -ll-

  250g                    56kr/ 6.781 -ll-                    60kr/ 7.265 -ll-

  2000g                 200kr/24.218 -ll-                   250kr/ 30.272 -ll-

Prints for sale:
Originals                                         Copy of the original Print:
Bones by Black-Wing24
Price for the Print: 65 Dollars (USD) Copy Print Price: 45 Dollars 

A4 artwork's by Black-Wing24 'Stay Back' print/ 'Free' Print/ 'Break Free' Print.
45-55 Dollars                                      Copy Print 30-40 Dollars

Sketch dump by Black-Wing24sketches one character focus or more character and angels.
Prices differ depending on the details and so on.
20-45 Dollars                                    Copy Print 15-25 Dollars
more images and sketches is in storage.
upload later.

 Dragon by Black-Wing24
this print is one of a kind no copy.
25 Dollars

Dreamer by Black-Wing24
Line art copy Price: 25 Dollars

Line art Original Price: 55 Dollars

Colored Original Price: 50 Dollars

Colored Copy Price: 30 Dollars


if more are interested on the original you will have to bid on em
and more prints will come in time.

thank you for the understanding.
the more print you buy you will get en extra discount.
2 prints 5%
5 prints 10%

Try to have a Good day everyone. 
  • Mood: Frustrated


Black-Wing24's Profile Picture
Linda Jansson
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi people here i am. the artist behind the scene.

My personality Spot-on, "Getting Creative"
Getting Creative! by Black-Wing24

I Use: IMac, Photoshop CS5, Bamboo Fun

YouTube channel:…

i'm a self taught Dragon artist, but i learn new things everyday when it comes to art in any-form.
so thats why i dont se my self as a pro artist, to call my self that means that i have reached the limit to want i am and thats not me.
i like to draw and talks allot, i am mostly happy and sort of "spit out art" when i can, i am very self critical when it comes to art in any form, i like to help out if i can and i am also happy if i get it back in anyway:3
loves dragons if you haven't notice that yet, sometimes i draw Pokemons as well but not so much as dragons and fantasy animals.
my real name is: Linda, but you can call me Black-Wing or wing if you like.
i am single.
why i am here:
well i think i have evolved really fast in art from the moment i join DeviantART,
i have the chance to meet all of you people and so manny awesome artist here!
thanks to you all i have come this far and i am ready to go even further on!
i Love art! i love my friends! and my dear family and i cant live without it.
i am a qualified Florist, have been in the business, have work as one.
you may be wonder Why i pick to become a Florist and nothing with Media and so on. well i did this because to have an safe sone to fall back to if i didn't survive on my art, luckily i a still live home with my big sister and my Mother.
but i am planing to get into the film business!
so i will have to take up the School-books again and then take an test before i can go into the university.
they will probably do some art tests and math and so on, i will try to get into the school till next year.
well i guess thats all for now. well i hope you will enjoy your time on my page:D

I must say that i love you all:3
but i get so manny comments lately thats why its taking time for me to reply to you all,
its like.... if i take a break for a day or two and i have just made some changes here, i will end up to almost 100 comments. its not that don't wanna reply them, its just so much for just so little time. and i really like to read them all. so whats i am going is that i will always read your comments but i may not always reply to you. so if you are in need to contact me then please Note me about it. but when it comes to Adoptable and contest images i will always reply to you

my very old account on…

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