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Adoptables/ Art-Sketch Dump 'Update' by Black-Wing24
Adoptables/ Art-Sketch Dump 'Update'
Warning BIG FILE!!
Download for the best view!!!

Adoptables:  Paypal and or DA Points
the price is for only 1! remember that.
you can own how manny you like, but if you have paid for one line-art then you only own one Character.
All the Characters is made by me: their for as a Designer i deserve to be mentioned by you 'IF' you ever Draw your Character..
the Self-Customs is note for me to do its for YOU.  i don't have the time to Costum-design your character so you will have to do it yourself.
no Character will be uploaded or personally send to anyone.
just Hit the Download Button and their you go.

All Line-art will be open till: 2014-09-20.

-Don't Note ME About this!!-
If you are interested to Buy, Comment and i will note you for details!!  First comes first served.

__Nordic-plain-dragon_        : Price: 18 Dollars or 4 month membership (to me)

they live and prosper on the open-wide arias of the nordic pains. like the Bears they hunt alone and with a key eye-sight they can spot prey just like the Eagle. they are Brave and fearless. humans describe them as 'Flying Tanks' because of their muscular-Heavy body and the way they hunt.
Some humanoid of this breed have been spotted but never captured..

-1: Open

-2: Open

- Line-art Self-Custome   : Price: 12 Dollars. 1584 Points

__Glide-Raptor_       : Price: 20 Dollars

A dangerous Glide/Flying Dragon: they go by the Name Glide-Raptor because the are mostly seen when they are gliding silently above prey. Scientist find this Dragon Unique because of the back legs that are its wings.
This raptor cannot Run on the ground but it can Walk.  they prefer to be flying/Gliding, the Tail is for balance and to hit other predators/rivals and Enemies.  Just like a 'Raptor' it strikes it's prey but from the Sky and then quickly go for the neck with it's jaw to block the air supply of it's prey.
unique and strong. avoid conflict if possible, a damage wing = Death
Humanoid have been spotted here to but not Captured.

-3: Open

-4: Open
- Line-Art Self-Custome     : Price: 15 Dollars.  1584 Points


__Water-Cobra_       : Price: 18 Dollars or 4 month membership (to me)

This Cobra-Dragon is fully loaded with Electricity, this beast can handle to dive deep into the black deeps. thanks to the hood this dragon can breath underwater (Both Fresh water and salt water) with the glowe antenna it lure the fish in so it can strike it with a El-chock to paralyses the prey and then feeds on it. the horns detects movements and also do the electric-outburst.
they are more of a swimmer but they have been seen flying and thats when they are hunting/heeding for shelter/nesting.
they have powerful wings so they are pretty good flyers but they do deal some damage then they do the heavy drop. sharp claws to hold prey or deal some damage.
no reports of a Humanoid of this breed but how knows. 

-5: Open

-6: Open

-7: Open

- Line-art Self-Custome   : Price: 10 Dollars

__Shell-Dragon_      : Price: (7: 15 Dollars) (8: 20 Dollars) (9: 10 dollars)

Just like its name: A Dragon with Shell/s on its body.
they come in many shapes and Sizes. (7: Speedy Swimmer with a strong power bite and sharp claws. lives on the ocean floor, since little light gets trough they mare more known to be colorless/Albino, Spine-Shells detect movement. eyes detects dead: Fish/mammals. in other words it sees what the nose should have smelled. like glowing bodies in the dark)

(8: is a Corral-Shell dragon, with it's back legs it secure itself on the Corals, in a closed shape it waits for the right fish to swim by and then wipes it's tail to hock the prey and the open up to feed.  scientists have gone mad over a strange ECO appearing and disappearing from time to time. this fella use ultra sonic waves to detect anything in its surrounding. it uses a Strange high sound when thretten and a deep 'woving' sound then attract a mate)

(9: poison-Nessy-Shell dragon. this fella use high sound waves to locate its way to nesting arias and the horns are receivers, it skin detects movements, they can rest on land. the yellow antennas are filled with poison hocks/needles. loves to eat sleep and fool around)

xP- 7: Open

-8: Open

-9: Open

- Line-art Self-Custome   : Price:  7/8: 15 dollars  9: 7 Dollars


__Beach-Wind dragon_      : Prise: 15 Dollars.  1584 Points

A calm strong, hardy wind dragon, live on the rocky cliffs near the Beaches.

-9: Open

-10: Open

 Line-art Self-Custome   : Price: 792 Points


__Element-Dragon_   : Price: 20 Dollars

This heavy build Dragon has been seen on a number of Sights such as: Volcano ruins, water Ruins and old-mossy forests.
it's a carnivore. it's very intelligent and Gentle. (only to the nature) they are Picky when it comes to nesting arias, and an element-dragon are ready do Kill or die trying to defend it, they can live in small groups with an Alfa pair as leaders.
they acts as Guards of the Forests/Ruins. the Cape on the neck is a self moving part of its body and it will stretch out on the neck to protection from heat or cold. the tubes under the wings are Ex-Hales nose-holes. it cannot breath in though them but out.
when sensing danger they use them to extract 'Mist/Fog'
during winter they keep their wings closed to better keep the heat, but during the summer they keep them open to better heat up.

-11: Open

-12: Open

Line-art Self-Custome   : Price: 18 Dollars

__Hord-Raptor_      : Price: 10 Dollars.  820 Points

-13: :iconmajungatholus:

-14: Open

 Line-art Self-Custome   : Price: 650 Points

Dino-Dragon       : price: 20 Dollars

-15: Open

Rock-Lion    : Price: 15 Dollars
-16: Open

Swamp-Hellhound (17)  Open

Fall-Fire Dragon(18) Open

Swamp-TrolFrog(19) Open

FireDragon(20)  Open

Price: 15 Dollars etch 

-Don't Note ME About this!!-
If you are interested to Buy, Comment and i will note you for details!!

this is a mix, since you like my art-dumpts so i added the things i have done all this time.

yup i got a YouTube: channel!! yaay 
i have only two videos on for now and thats the girl and the water dragon in the right bottom…  water dragon. will be talking in this… girl. hade some halo music but half got denied so yeah
both are about 30 minutes long. and yes they are speed-paintings.  hehehe believe me XD

on the side you can see on the art dump you can se the steps on the: Day Turns Into Night.
as you can se the dragon was pretty random, you could say it was second or third priority, i wasn't counting to made a dragon in this to begin with but since i putt more interest it became the number 1 focus.

okay the texture creatures. i got some inspiration when watching some speed-paintings in Youtube.
see how they use their textures and references so i did some playing with my own. wow look at the time..
i think i will continue to do this just to practice and to play with colors/shapes. this is fun!!!
i strongly recommend this if you have interests or art-blocks. its okay to show the textures as well as only use them for the colors so allot of fun and NO Limits!! yaaaay
they will be on youtube later too, so you will be able to see them grow from yeah what-ever they come from.


art: Me :iconblack-wing24:
don't Steal/copy!!!
Day Turn Into Night by Black-Wing24
Day Turn Into Night
Hi i'm not dead!  ;D
i found pieces of my self along my rocky rod...
but tonight i will fly a little higher then i have done in some time.
you can almost say i took a big step... i dared open my DA page ^^it sounds worse then it is but yeah.
i havent stopt drawing...... well i have only done ehh my stuff and not the Commissions/Contests prizes/ B-days and so on.
i promise i will shape up and take care of the 12,133 messages and 40 notes..... O-O'  you sure love me don't ya <3
Today i took a big step, I took a new Breath of life and Tonight i will fly above the clouds into the starry nightsky 
after all the world will not stop turning just because I did X)
Character: unknown, sky-serpent 

Art: by me
Enjoy, Love ya all! <3<3

Don't copy/Steal or use in any way!!!!!!

BlackWing joins FaceBook (but not with this name) 

121 deviants said Yaaay!!!
78 deviants said For real (positive)
61 deviants said WHY!!!
39 deviants said for real (negative)
well i think i should tell ya all how things are going for me.

First, Sorry for all the waiting (you must be tired of me, always apologizing)

second, I still have my internship (Apprentice/ practice) at a Flower Shop called 'Guldblomman' 
Have been their for 2 months now and have 1 more to go :)
it ends on hearts-day 14 February. 
I will definitely miss my boss and his wife when the time runs out, they have been so kind to me and as a Christmas-gift i got 2000 KR (Swedish money value) to spend. and the only thing they wanted back was me to buy things for myself and my pets and a hug to them both before they went on their holiday/vacation for two weeks, they are like second family to me now:heart:
I don not think they will keep me their as a worker but i will still keep my cards open and say if he need someone just call me.
(he was not looking to hire someone, he just gave open cards and say that this is a way in to learn how the business works as a Florist. but since i'm already educated florist since 2 years back/maybe more, i got into it faster and help out when he was about to get sick and work more then he should, i became his second Mom and gave him Te/The with honey)
It's so fun but so ....... well it's like the wether^^ you don't really know then the wind is going to blow....

third, I just found my first GRAY/WHITE Hair today (date: 14/01-2014) for havens sake i'm 21 almost 22 years old.....
well i called my mom and she laugh at me and said that she saw her first at the age 25,
its funny/cool and scary. i'm afraid that my live will run by me without me realizing it but at the same time i don't mind grow old, i don't mind looking like a rotten apple before I die, I live my life as the day comes...
Everyday is a new start a new beginning.... it can only get better from here.... Love life!!
I'm tired of not seeing, I'm tired of not acting.
I'm tired of my empty shell that i so easily fall into, it's time for me to Live and act as I se it.
Go back and learn from my old self and live as anew now.

I Will Do Some Differens!!
No matter how big or how small it may be. (new year promise to myself)

At the 3/4 of 2013 i Pick't up some seeds from trees and planted them at home. now i have 20 baby Oak Trees (use to have around 27. 2 given and 5 died) but when early Somer comes they will be Replanted back to mother nature, will be placed where i can visit them and se their grow and also to protect them from getting destroyed by: human, animal or nature.
this is an act i will continue every year with more and more seeds. you see if I do this I increase the chances of this Trees to Grow big and old with more then 50% (not calculated but just a guess) I have one tree since 3-4 years back it's still small but it's alive and protected for now..
so if i do this every year (around 20 trees) for 5 years, that means i will be planting 100 trees by myself and around 50% of them might grow Big and old, 50 Trees back to nature. (give some live back to mother nature)
reduce a really small amount of carbon-dioxide.
it's i small size to do alone but think what will happen if around 100 people do the same as I!!
around 5 000 TREES

1000 people: = 50 000 Trees (5 year model, 20 trees a' year)

10000 people: = 500 000 Trees (5 year model, 20 trees a' year)


the only gaining in this process is saving nature and it's beauty.
So dear Fan's and Friends spread the word and make a difference,  Plant Trees it cost nothing more then soil, dedication and care.
and how said that 20 trees is the limit? why not increase the number!?

I will spread this words to my tumblr account

Plus i will do my Greatest to get into 'Computer graphic design' this year
this year i need to increase my math from A to B lvl
plus i have 4 task to fulfill until the 15 of april plus ending it in before then .... yaaaaaaay  count me in!!

well here you have it!

The contest and the commissions is progressing slow but i will not forget you.
Hug all
se ya around and take care
  • Mood: Joy


Black-Wing24's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi people here i am. the artist behind the scene.

My personality Spot-on, "Getting Creative"
Getting Creative! by Black-Wing24

I Use: IMac, Photoshop CS6, Bamboo Fun

YouTube channel:…

i'm a self taught Dragon artist, but i learn new things everyday when it comes to art in any-form.
so thats why i dont se my self as a pro artist, to call my self that means that i have reached the limit to want i am and thats not me.
i like to draw and talks allot, i am mostly happy and sort of "spit out art" when i can, i am very self critical when it comes to art in any form, i like to help out if i can and i am also happy if i get it back in anyway:3
loves dragons if you haven't notice that yet, sometimes i draw Pokemons as well but not so much as dragons and fantasy animals.
my real name is: Linda, but you can call me Black-Wing or wing if you like.
i am single.
why i am here:
well i think i have evolved really fast in art from the moment i join DeviantART,
i have the chance to meet all of you people and so manny awesome artist here!
thanks to you all i have come this far and i am ready to go even further on!
i Love art! i love my friends! and my dear family and i cant live without it.
i am a qualified Florist, have been in the business, have work as one.
you may be wonder Why i pick to become a Florist and nothing with Media and so on. well i did this because to have an safe sone to fall back to if i didn't survive on my art, luckily i a still live home with my big sister and my Mother.
but i am planing to get into the film business!
so i will have to take up the School-books again and then take an test before i can go into the university.
they will probably do some art tests and math and so on, i will try to get into the school till next year.
well i guess thats all for now. well i hope you will enjoy your time on my page:D

I must say that i love you all:3
but i get so manny comments lately thats why its taking time for me to reply to you all,
its like.... if i take a break for a day or two and i have just made some changes here, i will end up to almost 100 comments. its not that don't wanna reply them, its just so much for just so little time. and i really like to read them all. so whats i am going is that i will always read your comments but i may not always reply to you. so if you are in need to contact me then please Note me about it. but when it comes to Adoptable and contest images i will always reply to you

my very old account on…


Black-Wing24 has started a donation pool!
8,300 / 8,800
commission Price list

well sometimes i dos do request on the live-streaming

Gift points, i will be very Happy. and i might give you a gift as a thanks
thanks alot for you who cares:)

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