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January 12, 2012
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The use of power will only bring you Death by Black-Wing24 The use of power will only bring you Death by Black-Wing24
when we as humans look on our selfs we see just a small part of how and what we are, we see others falls clearer and becomes angry of all the wrong they do. but have you ever seen your self further then what the eyes can see?
no i don't think you have and nether have i, to do so wee are no longer humans, we have forgotten our past and our future,
the ones that are still connected with our mother is the ones how have left the civilization behind, no democracy, war, rich and poor.
they are forever bonded with her like we will never get.
do you want to know why?
i will tell you, but i know deep down you already know the answer to that.
the world we live in today is splitting on whats fair and not-fair, the world we live in is built on power! money and power, rules and the democracy. powerful weapons that can erase the living and will leave the would internal scarred, and even now they are still looking for more power, and its like an black hole in the would of humans.
we want: money, the latest new, power, a large house and our own company with the worth of millions of dollars.

but hello wake up my friend!
take a good look around you!! there is millions of people how cant even touch that dream, they are homeless, no job no home to be in and no family. do you think its fair then?
or kind, we humans have always been like this, we always look for the easy way. but have we ever wonder'd about the consequence of our actions?
no, we haven't not until its to late.
what would happen if we travel back in time............. nothing will chance, i hate sometimes to be human. i wish that sometimes i could be my dragon and show the would, that with power comes only death. maybe then we will see the truth. behind blood and death we can find true peace and freedom.
don't get me wrong. i'm not saying that we should start a war.
i hate wars. they are only there to show the means of power and to protect the truth behind everything ells.

well i guess thats was all,
sleep well my friends out there in the big world.

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Sunsteam Jun 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Great use of light!
LugiaUmbreonPower Jan 23, 2012  Student General Artist
this is reallyu beautiful!<3
Black-Wing24 Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you
Azzurgil Jan 23, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
True words... True words...
And your art makes them just so much stronger!
Black-Wing24 Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow thank you
greendragon27 Jan 22, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Brilliant - as is your style :la:
Black-Wing24 Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
greendragon27 Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
no problem ^^
HunterofAvalar Jan 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wunderbar :clap:
Black-Wing24 Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hehe thanks
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